Singer and piano-/organ-/keyboardplayer.
Songwriter, composer and musical director.
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


“My job is to let the music play, without getting in the way!”

“Music from the heart, to the heart. It’s a cliché, but still true,
and that truth is, what I’m aiming for!

I’ve always been a curious soul, when it comes to music, and still am. Never stop learning, put your own personality into whatever you’re doing, give it your all and have a good time!

Anybody who tries to embrace, what comes at them, with an open mind and learn from the experiences, gets a bit wiser and takes on some personal edge and empathy along the way.
The music in my life has taught me a lot – taking many directions, involving many different styles and numerous exiting people!

All my life I’ve been living as a professional musician travelling Denmark and the world playing everything from jazz, gospel, blues, soul and rock to salsa-, latin- and gypsymusic.
I’m playing and singing in my own projects and have also been working/touring with names like Dr. Hook (US), jazz- and gospelsinger Etta Cameron (US), Billy Cross (US), Kenn Lending Blues band (DK), jazz vocalist Malene Mortensen (DK), several large scaled theater-productions as Musical Director and many other exiting artists and setups!
Apart from the playing/writing I’ve been a teacher/associate Professor at the Rythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen for 20 years up until 2011 and from there on doing Musical Communication and Teambuilding-Workshops at seminars, meetings and similar setups.

Hope to see you at a venue somewhere!”

CONTACT INFO      Email:      Cell: +45 40423646

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