Singer and piano-/organ-/keyboardplayer.
Songwriter, composer and musical director.
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


“My job is to let the music play, without getting in the way!”

“Music from the heart, to the heart. It’s a cliché, but still true,
and that truth is, what I’m aiming for!

I’ve always been a curious soul, when it comes to music, and still am. Never stop learning, put your own personality into whatever you’re doing, give it your all and have a good time!

Anybody who tries to embrace, what comes at them, with an open mind and learn from the experiences, gets a bit wiser and takes on some personal edge and empathy along the way, and the music in my life has taught me a lot – taking many directions, involving many different styles and numerous exiting people!

All my life I’ve been living as a professional musician travelling Denmark and the world playing everything from jazz, gospel, blues, soul and rock to salsa-, latin- and gypsymusic.
Apart from playing and singing in my own projects, I’ve have also been working/touring, amongst others, with names like Dr. Hook (US), jazz- and gospelsinger Etta Cameron (US), Billy Cross (US), Kenn Lending Blues band (DK), jazz vocalist Malene Mortensen (DK), several large scaled theater-productions as Musical Director and many other exiting artists and setups!
Apart from the playing/writing I’ve been a teacher/associate Professor at the Rythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen for 20 years up until 2011 and have from there on occasionally been using my Musical Communication and Teambuildingskills at seminars, meetings and similar setups.

Hope to see you at a venue somewhere!”

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